Monday, January 24, 2011

Sufficiency for Supremacy

Sufficiency is defined as: the state or fact of being sufficient; adequacy. Although it can also be defined as: Adequate provision or supply, esp. of wealth.

The Psalmist in the book of Psalms 37:4 pens, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart"

We must be able to connect with the sufficiency of Jesus for our lives before we will be able to submit to the supremacy of Jesus in our lives.

We live in a world that identifies people with the accumulation of possessions...the prestige of positions...the ability to hold influence with or power over certain crowds of people...

When we allow ourselves to live in such a way it becomes extremely difficult to submit to the supremacy of Jesus in our lives because we have found value in other sources than that of the person of Jesus. This is not to say at all that you can't be submitted to Jesus and have these things, however, when you are able to find, like the definition states, an adequate provision or supply of all that you need in this life in the person of Jesus it becomes irrelevant the things that this life may have attached to you that you used to find value or substance in.

John Calvin said “The human heart is a factory of idols...Everyone of us is, from his mother’s womb, expert in inventing idols.”

To truly delight yourself in the Lord means to prioritize the person of Jesus and intimacy with him above all else that this life and world may attempt to offer to take that place in our hearts!

Until you find that Jesus is enough, you will not be willing to separate yourself from the people, places and possessions in your life that have become an idol in your heart...but when Jesus becomes enough you can declare like Frances J. Crosby, the hymn writer of old, "Take the world, but give me Jesus!"


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