Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jesus Is Lord

The Lordship of Christ is not just a creed, not just a cute little phrase to tack onto the end of a lull.  What are the implications of these words for my life?  What does it mean that Jesus is Lord?  What is the significance of this truth?
If He is Lord, who, therefore am I?  I am his subject.  I am his servant.  I am his steward.   And yet, at the same time, He has made me a co-heir with him.
I bow.  I confess. I give him precedence in all things.  I honor.  I worship.
When the disciples encountered his authority over nature, they cried out in amazement - who IS this man?  And Peter begged him - depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man.  
Everywhere Jesus went he changed the equation.  And yet he did not rule by force.  The One Being in all the universe truly deserving the service of mankind came instead declaring: I did not come to be served, but to serve...
Meekness and majesty.  
God in humility.
The King becomes a servant, thereby empowering his subjects and giving them a life they never could have obtained without him.  
His Lordship is a quality he possesses with or without the acknowledgement of humans.   He doesn't need us to recognize him as such for it to be so.  He is secure in being who he is.  If we submit to him as Lord, then we ourselves benefit.  But even if we don't, he won't force himself upon us.  He'll just go on being the Lord until the Day of reckoning.  Then, on that Day, the acknowledgment of his Lordship will come from each one who has borrowed breath from him, but the benefits will no longer be available.  
I choose to bow now.

~ Jeana


  1. Wow. Yes.

    To meditate on His greatness and all He has given will take a lifetime. I am guaranteed a lifetime of worship.

  2. That's a Good word, well put. I love the part of extracting benefit from the acknowledgment of His Lordship, but that his Lordship is not enhanced or depended upon my reaction, it stands alone. He is Lord because He exists in no other way.