Thursday, January 20, 2011

Song (in progress) – Chloë

Song (in progress)

Because You are my Lord

I will bow down

Because you are my King

I’ll throw my crown

Down at Your feet

I lay me down

And offer all I am

You are my King

My heart is for You

First and Last

Breadth and Depth

Light within light

Source of all life

Wrapped in Weakness

A King in rags

Atonement offered

Risen Lord

Victory gained

Foundation laid

Clothed in glory

King of all kings

Desire of my heart

Longing of my soul

To know You better

My reward

1 comment:

  1. The image of Light within light is, i think, is an astounding one. What is his Light within light? Is his purity resting within his power like an arrow in a quiver?

    And isn't it amazing that God is so secure in his authority that he gives us crowns to wear? That he has made us kingly priests and priestly kings...