Thursday, March 8, 2012

So this week I realized it only takes one or two minor hiccups in the rhythm of my day to challenge the delicate nature of my resident peace. Bless me, I have a lot of days to turn this delicate peace into an immoveable mighty fortress of peace because most days have more than two hiccups.
As I was driving to work a few days ago I was under mind numbing spell as it seemed. Thoughts, clearly not my own, would flutter through my mind depositing a subtle impression of hopelessness towards just about everything I had hope in. Then the veil lifted for a second and off in some swamp was an ugly troll of a lie monster spewing out lies at a tireless pace. I was really bugged at the deception which accompanied these darting lies because they so easily found acceptance in my mind. My simple and subtle agreement of these lies produced the spell I found myself in.

I ask the Lord for a stainless steel heart.
I stopped.
Did I just say that?

I don't want a hardened heart, but I want a heart that is resistant to the erosion of faith that lies seem to cause. So I thought of things made of stainless steel. The sheer nature of stainless steel possess a DNA structure that has a built in resistance to the corrosive and erosive elements in our environment.

I have something much better than the DNA properties of stainless steel. I am born of an incorruptible seed which possess the Divine Nature.