Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making the Father Happy

          Just recently, I had a simple revelation: I can make the Father happy!  I realized that I have an opportunity in my uniqueness to give the Father something that no one else can; that is my individual, unparalleled worship, and unparalleled simply because He, in His wisdom, crafted my heart like that of no other.  He delights in my genuine, heartfelt praise, and he takes pleasure in the devotion of my heart, simply because it's MY worship that I'm giving Him and it's the devotion of MY heart to Him.

          I say it again: He delights in my uniqueness. The very thought that I can bring a smile to His face by the pouring forth of my unique portion of worship on Him is more than I can stand.

          In light of this, my pursuit of Him will be all the more passionate and focused.  He is beckoning me to run after Him.  And I will do so with the knowledge that my violent pursuit of Him makes Him happy!

1 comment:

  1. Right on Thomas. Well said. The simplest revelations are those that can easily bring the greatest changes in our lives if we make what has been revealed a part of our everyday lives. That's what children of the Kingdom do. Good thought.