Wednesday, March 16, 2011


He crowned the mountain with fire

With a never setting sun

and scribed stone with laws all angle and edge

that men and mankind would fear him and draw close

Did they know that when they in unlawful fashion forged His face in bronze and moses shattered the tablets against the hard rock of their hearts?

So, he set a flame on us. Crowned us with a fire, this second moses, descending from the mountains of High Heaven to give us law of livingbreathingfleshgrowing—curved like the branches of a tree of Life once denied

That we would forge ourselves (even as he forges us) in his image

That men and mankind would fear him and draw close

An ever encircling, tightening embrace that no chisel could etch or sever

1 comment:

  1. move over Oswald here's a new kid in town. great wording.