Monday, February 7, 2011

Holy Spirit -david

new moon Faceless

yet his hand shapes every wave with unyielding gravity and keeps every tide’s time with mathematical perfection.

He sings the song that makes every atom dance their quantum dance

calls the time that sergeants every planet marching elliptical towards the fulfillment of—

All things

Every thing

meanwhile He strives

with the hard hearts of marble eyed men

the wicked hearts of scorn mouthed women

they who have torn-twain lives that quiver out pathetic beats

the ones too dead to know they’re dead

till the Day

the Day when he takes Adam’s discarded crown and rests it light upon Another’s brow.

when the lion no longer feasts upon lamb

when mankind no longer feasts upon each other

when all these lives so recklessly colliding sing in the perfect harmonies He, before all times, composed.


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